Course Descriptions

Compliance Course Descriptions

Paragon Safety Ltd. offers the following courses.

Safety Orientation

Paragon Safety Ltd.
Safety Orientation

Workers need to be aware of how safety affects them. This course is designed as an introduction to safety legislation and other day to day aspects of safety. Students will

  1. Know their rights and responsibilities under the OHS Act,
  2. Know how to identify hazards in the workplace and control them
  3. Know the role of the Safety Representative and Joint Health and Safety Committee
  4. Know when and how to report accidents
  5. Learn some general safety rules, such as equipment maintenance


Paragon Safety Ltd.
WHMIS 2015

Nova Scotia requires that WHMIS and the new GHS system be taught together. Paragon Safety has developed a training course that will teach the students

  1. How to identify the material the comes under WHMIS legislation,
  2. Know the hazard classes and their respective symbols and
  3. Be able to find the information they need on an MSDS or a new SDS.

Fall Protection Basic

Paragon Safety
Fall Protection Safety

If you work higher than 3 meters from the ground at any point during your day, then you need fall protection training. At Paragon Safety Ltd.  trainees will learn:

  1. what the regulations require when working from height,
  2. how to recognize the hazards, including the hierarchy of controls
  3. what equipment requirements must be met, including types of equipment and maintenance of equipment
  4. how to create a fall protection rescue plan and emergency response procedures
  5. how a fall effects the human body
  6. Practice in inspecting, fitting, adjusting, and connecting fall protection systems and components