CSA Standards and Training

CSA Standards and Training

This week, I want to talk about the connection between CSA Standards and training. At the last company that worked, I was always asked questions that related to the standards for equipment. The regulations always reference that a piece of equipment must meet a certain standard, and while manufacturers do provide some of the information, especially regarding fall protection equipment sizing, other items of information are not provided, such as how long is the fall protection harness good for. This article will show that training that specifically takes content from the CSA Standards referenced in the OHS regulations will be beneficial to workers.

All regulations will state that a particular piece of equipment must meet a particular standard. For instance, in Nova Scotia, a travel restraint system must meet Z259.16. In Newfoundland, a lanyard must comply with Z259.11. The regulations in both provinces state that the standard must be met, but do not offer any further information.

The CSA and the standards that they create provide the necessary requirements for all safety equipment. The standards list the testing methods that a piece of PPE must go through before it can be approved. For example, CSA Z259.10-12, which is the standard for full body harness, lists in section five the steps in the testing process that a harness must go through. This section may not be necessary for a safety course, but before that, other items list what the requirements for the various components of the harness, when a harness should be retired, and how to attach a rescue line. The breaking strength that a harness will have to endure is also listed, along with the maximum amount that a harness is allowed to stretch.

By providing the information listed in the CSA standards during training session, whether third party fall protection or any safety training, workers, supervisors and managers will have the knowledge to select and maintain their equipment. At Paragon Safety Ltd., we cover the standards as part of our fall protection course and try to answer the questions that have been most asked regarding these important requirement because we believe that CSA standards and training should be connected. We call it the “Paragon Difference”. For more information on our Fall Protection Basics course or any of our training, feel free to contact us for more information.

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