Hydraulic Safety Training

Paragon Safety Ltd.
Hydraulics Safety

Paragon Safety Ltd. is proud to be a training agent for the Hydraulic Safety Authority of Canada. HSAC created online training courses that will help employees identify and control the hazards created from using hydraulic fluid. They have created four courses that cover various levels of exposure to hydraulic fluid. They are:

  1. Fluid Injection Awareness
  2. Construction Level
  3. Exposure Level
  4. High Risk Maintenance Level

All workers are aware of the hazards that electricity poses on their health and safety. There is another type of energy, hydraulic energy whose hazards are not as well known. Hydraulic fluid is used to power equipment on every construction and industrial site in Nova Scotia. In the fishing industry it is found in engine rooms, and some of the winches that are used. But the hazards of exposure to hydraulic fluid are not often talked about.

Hydraulic fluid can cause fires. The mineral oil based fluid is highly flammable and if it leaks onto hot surfaces such as engines, electric heaters or welding arcs it can burst into flames. The chance of fire increases when the fluid is sprayed from a leak. This spray is capable of travelling up to 10m (30ft) from the source of the leak. Fires caused by hydraulic fluid leaks burn very hot.

Pinhole leaks from hydraulic lines can cause severe injury and even death. The pressure from the leak causes the fluid to be injected deep under the skin. At the time of injury it may only feel like a small pin prick. Hours later, extreme pain and swelling show that the injury is serious. The blood supply is endangered, which can lead to amputation of the exposed body part or death.

The best way to protect yourself, your staff, and the environment is to be aware of the proper way to work with hydraulic fluid.  Hydraulic safety training through Paragon Safety will help provide you and your staff with the necessary information to allow you operate hydraulic equipment safely and what precautions to take with hydraulic fluid in order to return home safely.