HSAC Course Descriptions

The most powerful safety tool is knowledge related to hazards

These courses were created by the Hydraulic Safety Authority of Canada(HSAC). All certificates from this training will be issued from them. If you have are interested, click the links and the course description will open in a new tab. Then contact Paragon Safety Ltd. to register for these online courses.

HSAC Course Descriptions:

High Risk Maintenance

This course is designed for individuals who are engaged in tasks that expose them to a higher risk of injury or death. To learn more about this course, click here: High Risk Maintenance Level -CombinedOutline

Exposure Level

This program brings awareness to individuals who are exposed to hydraulic systems and may not  know it. For more information, click here: Exposure Level combined

Fluid Injection Awareness

This awareness course identifies the hazards of pressurized fluids, which are common in all industries. For more information, click here: Fluid Injection Awareness Outline (2)

Construction Level

Hydraulic equipment is used in all areas of construction and many workers are unaware of the hazards This course is sector specific to construction. For more information, click here: Construction Level E-learning course overview