Safety Services

What we offer to improve your company’s health and safety

Paragon Safety Ltd. offers these safety services to help your company grow and develop in safety

Paragon Safety Ltd.
Think Safety First


Are you a new company that needs a policy or an existing company that needs to make changes due to growth? Paragon Safety Ltd. offers a range of safety consulting services in Nova Scotia, from Yarmouth to Sydney, that will help your company’s safety program be effective and compliant. From policy and program design to developing internal training and/or orientation programs, we can help develop and adjust as you require.

Onsite Safety Services

Whether you work in construction, automotive repair or any other industry, Paragon Safety Ltd. can perform numerous roles at your job site to endure that your company’s safety program is working and effective. See the Onsite Safety Page for further details

  • Site inspections– Regardless of what industry you work in, ensuring that your work areas are safe is important. Paragon Safety Ltd. can perform site inspections in numerous types of settings. Whether weekly or monthly, we can come in when you need us. We will also work with you to make any corrections that need to be made.
  • WHMIS Updating– MSDS/SDS need to be up to date within three years. Paragon Safety Ltd. will come in, conduct an inventory of your chemicals and find the MSDS online and bring them to you. Why occupy the time of your staff when we can do the hard work for you.
  • Tool Box Talks– Construction general contractors require that your staff gives them a weekly tool box talk. Paragon Safety Ltd. can go to your work site and deliver the talk to you as part of the site inspection.
  • Incident Investigations– We can help you to find the root cause of an incident that happened and help you make sure that it never happens again.

Safety Coordinating

It costs a lot to have a full time safety coordinator. Let Paragon Safety Ltd staff handle all your safety needs. From checking due diligence to helping with your NSCSA audits, we can help. Call us today.