Onsite Health and Safety

Onsite health and safety solutions when and where you need them

Paragon Safety
Onsite Safety

Site Inspections

Want to ensure that your work place is safe and compliant? Paragon Safety Ltd. provides onsite health and safety inspection. We provide onsite safety inspections as required to the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Automotive repair
  • Warehouses
  • Fabrication Shops
  • Offices
  • Sawmills

We will review your job site and evaluate it to see if it is safe. While on site, we will also check first aid kits to make sure they are adequately stocked, ensure all notifications and other safety information are posted where workers can read them and WHMIS forms are available for the chemicals that are on the site.

WHMIS Updating

WHMIS sheets need to be available at the job site for the products that are being used. Paragon will come to your site and conduct an inventory check of the chemicals that are used. We can then print off the MSDS and bring them back to your site. This can be part of your monthly inspection or an extra as required.

Tool Box Talks

As part of our site inspections, Paragon Safety Ltd. will also provide tool box talks to your workers onsite. Our dedication to detail means that when we arrive, we will have a topic that is relevant to your workers, and we will pass on any issues and concerns that arise during the meeting to you as their manager.

Incident Investigation

All incidents have a cause. Paragon Safety Ltd. will help you develop a plan to find out why an incident occurred. Whether just a near miss or property damage, minor or major injury, we can help ensure that your due diligence is met. We will do a root cause analysis to see what caused the accident and develop steps to make sure that it will be avoided in the future.