Health and Safety Consulting

Paragon Safety Ltd.’s safety consulting services will help your company meet their safety requirements.

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Paragon Safety Ltd. consulting services include the following:


Policies are required under the OHS Act for all companies with 5 or more employees. Paragon can create a policy that will show what you as an owner will do for your employees and what they must do to be compliant.


Paragon Safety Ltd.
Safety Manual

Safety programs outline the plan that will allow workers to go home after every shift. Besides that policy, Paragon Safety Ltd. will look at the work that your company does and ensure that all hazards are identified and plans put in place to control them.

We will also help with all other aspects of the program including:

  • Training Plans/Matrices– workers need to be trained to work safe. Paragon will help determine what your employees need for training and design a matrix to help you track when they are due
  • JOHSC Committee Rules and Procedures– while Nova Scotia legislation allows the committees to set their own rules and procedures, the company can help with giving them an outline to follow for reporting steps, nominating members, and a minute form.
  • Hazard Identification and Control– To improve the safety of workers, the hazards that are associated to their job need to be identified. Paragon will evaluate the tasks performed by each position in your firm, and consulting your staff to identify the hazards associated with those tasks. Controls can then be established. If you require job site hazard assessments as well, we can develop a system to evaluate the work site, identify its hazards and establish controls.
  • Incident Investigation– a system to report and investigate an incident is an important part of a safety program. Paragon will help with a creation of forms that can be used to find how what happened, why it happened, and how to keep it from happening again.
  • Workplace Monitoring–  Paragon can help to develop a system of workplace monitoring. Whether it is temperature on a construction site or the air in a shop, if you require monitoring, we can help develop the steps that need to be taken
  • Records and statistics control– In order to show due diligence, you need to be able to show that your program is working. In order to see if your program is working, you need to track information related to your program. Paragon will help develop the forms required to track the information related to safety and help prove your due diligence.

Developing Internal Training Programs

Workers need to be trained on what their employer expects from them before they can start on a job site. Paragon will develop an internal training program that includes orientation to the company’s training program and any courses, such as WHMIS/GHS, that need to be reviewed periodically.