Safety Coordinating

Have an existing program and need help ensuring that it is running smoothly? Let us help you with coordinating. We can provide help with the following:

Paragon Safety Ltd.
Safety Coordinating

Due Diligence Assessment

Wondering if your program meets all the requirement of due diligence. Let us come in to review your paperwork to see if your program needs work. We will then help you to improve your program as needed

Safety Meetings (Staff and JOHSC)

If you want to have an adviser at your staff meetings or JOHSC meetings, contact Paragon Safety. We can help answer questions that come up from your staff and help your JOHSC if they are just getting started and are unsure of how they should proceed.


Paragon Safety is experienced with Construction Safety Nova Scotia COR audit. If you have an internal audit that you need completed, or have corrective actions that to be done to earn your certificate in a timely manner, we can help. If we do your internal audit, we can also be there when the external auditor comes to answer any questions that they might have.

Coordinating Training

Most training is straightforward to find (i.e. fall protection). Other training is harder to find (i.e. arc flash). Whatever training your company needs, Paragon can help you find a trainer for your needs and book the training for you. We will research who does the type of training you need and give you a comparison of the rates that they charge so you know what you will have to pay.

Conducting Internal Training

If you just hired a new employee and need to give them an orientation but don’t have time to conduct it yourself,  call Paragon. We can conduct your employees orientation for you and ensure that they know what is expected of them at your company. Whether it is a tour of the work site, a review of the policy that they must follow, or a review of personal protective equipment.

Tender Preparation

Some general contractors require you to provide safety information before you can work for them. Paragon Safety can help you prepare your paperwork for these jobs, whether they are the training records for the staff that will be working at the site, or conducting the hazard assessment before the work starts. Let us help you get to work.

For rates please contact us.